At number 1, I pick the G.O.A.T., his airiness himself, Michael Jordan. He led the league in total points in his first year in the NBA! In his first 15 seasons in the NBA, he won six championships, five MVP’s, was an 11 time All NBA Team selection, and a 10 time scoring leader. He had an amazing career.


MJ was dominant from the moment he set foot on an NBA court, averaging 28.2 points in his first season and an unbelievable 37.1 points in his third season. Magic Johnson still won MVP over Jordan. In his 4th season, MJ won MVP while averaging 35 points a game.

He also has broken many records. He has the most points in a playoff game (with 63), in a double overtime loss against the legendary Boston Celtics. Even the legendary trash talking Larry bird said that he was, “god disguised as Michael Jordan.”


He also has the best career points per game average (with 30.12). The only person even close to him is Wilt Chamberlain (with 30.07). In my opinion, no one will ever break that record.

Like Bill Russell, Michael Jordan was a late bloomer. In high school, he didn’t make the varsity team in his sophomore year. At the time, MJ was 5 foot 11 so they thought he was too short. The next year, he grew four inches and finally made the team.

Michael Jordan is an outstanding player. Everyone who played basketball respected Jordan. No one wanted to get the “evil glare” from him. MJ is the BEST basketball player of all time.