On draft night, something very unexpected happened. The Timberwolves somehow were able to get Jimmy Butler. They only had to give up Zach Lavine (who tore his ACL), Lauri Markannen (a 7 foot PF who can’t rebound for his life), and Kris Dunn (a bench player who barely gets minutes). The Timberwolves not only got Jimmy Butler, but they also got the 16th pick. They used that to select Justin Patton, a young solid center.


In FA, they were also able to sign Jeff Teague. Jeff Teague proved he was a great passer last season, averaging around 8 assists for the Pacers. Now he has an even better team around him meaning he can dish out even more assists.

Now let’s talk about Jimmy Butler. Jimmy is the perfect fit for the Wolves. The Wolves have one of the worst defenses in the league while Jimmy Butler is one of the best defenders in the league. That will most likely improve their defense.

The starting lineup will now probably be Jeff Teague at PG, Jimmy Butler at SG, Andrew Wiggins at SF, Taj Gibson at PF, and Karl Anthony Towns at C. Their only weakness is at the PF slot. I think they will be a 6 or 7 seed because this is the first year they will play together.

My prediction is that they will lose in 6 or 7 game to a team like the Rockets or the Thunder. But next year when they get used to playing with each other, they’ll make the second round or possibly the Conference Finals. They were big winners this off-season.



The Nuggets didn’t do much this off-season. They lost Gallinari and traded Donovan Mitchell for almost nothing. But one thing they did made up for all previous mistakes. They signed Paul Millsap in Free Agency.

Their starting lineup will now most likely be Jamal Murray at PG, Gary Harris at SG, Wilson Chandler at SF, Paul Millsap at PF, and Nikola Jokic at C. They also have a strong bench with Kenneth Faried and many more. I think they will be the 8th seed and low in 5 to a team like the Warriors. They were winners this off-season.