Gordon Hayward – 91

Hayward was a monster last season. 2K will give him a 90+ overall for sure. My final decision is a 91.


Isaiah Thomas – 89

Isaiah Thomas does deserve a 93+ overall but we all know that 2K always sleeps on him. So he’ll get a 89 or 90.


Al Horford – 81

Horford is aging so his overall will go down. I have him as a 81.


Jae Crowder – 79

Last year, Crowder proved that he was a great shooter. So I have him as a 79, two overalls higher than last year.


Jayson Tatum – 78

Jayson Tatum will probably get a 77 or 78 because rookies are ranked low. I chose to giveĀ him a 78.


Marcus Morris – 78

Morris deserves either a 77 or 78. I gave him a 78.


Marcus Smart – 77

Last year, Smart proved that he can deliver when needed in the playoffs. I think his overall will go up to a 77.


Jaylen Brown – 76

In his rookie year, he got snubbed and was only a 73. I think he’ll go up to a 76 this year.


Those were all the important ones, here are the rest.

Gerald Green – 74
Terry Rozier – 73
Aron Baynes – 72
Tyler Zeller – 72
Jordan Mickey – 69
Demetrius Jackson – 68

After I edited the roster with all the overalls, this is how it looks like.


I also made a lineup to go with it.