Kyrie Irving shocked the world by saying he wanted to leave the Cavs, one of the best teams in the league. He said that he wants to be a leader of a team and not be Lebron’s “sidekick.” He made it clear that he wanted to go to the Knicks more than any other team. What everyone is wondering is if the Cavs will actually trade him, or just force him to stay to the team until next year, when his contract expires.


Kyrie Irving was drafted first by the Cavaliers in 2011. He averaged around 20 points for the first 3 seasons without Lebron. All were losing seasons. When Lebron came back to Cleveland, their record jumped from 33-49 to 53-29. They also made the Finals that year but lost to the Warriors in 6. The next year they went 57-25 and won the Championship.

Kyrie Irving’s stats didn’t change as much with Lebron, and also jumped to a career high 25.2 points this year. He also had 6 assists per game. When you really think about it, it makes no sense why Kyrie wants to be traded. Lebron covered all his flaws such as his defense and many more.


The Cavs are in an awful situation. Lebron hasn’t been doing his off-season recruiting (meaning he’s probably going to leave the team next year), their roster is growing old, and now Kyrie is going to be leaving. I expect them to rebuild their whole team and start to tank, because they have no chance at making the finals over the Kyrie leaves. If the Kyrie for Carmelo thing doesn’t work, they should trade him for Wiggins and a pick to the Wolves. Here you have it, this is my opinion on the Cavs situation.