If you haven’t already heard about sim leagues, it’s basically when you are a GM of a team. You make trades, sign free agents and do many more things. Also, one of the best parts about a sim league is making players.

There is a High School where you can make custom players that will be in the league. From there, they go to NCAA where there are college teams that offer them scholarships. And then from there, they get drafted into the NBA. I myself own a league and it is pretty big. This post is the Top 10 sim leagues on Instagram (according to me).

10. Techs_nba_simleague

If you’re looking for a sim league you will enjoy and not stress about, this is it. It has around 235 followers and gets 11 likes per photo. Overall, it’s a pretty good league that deserved number 10 on the list.

9. Shooters2ksimleague




This league has around 550 followers and gets 18 likes per photo. The thing that brought this league to number 9 is that it only has an NBA and NCAA. If you’re the owner and are reading this, I have a suggestion. You should get a high school, a FIBA, a euro league and possibly a G-League. Your league is big enough that many people would want to do it.

8. Og2ksimleague

This league is almost the same as Shooters2ksimleague. It has around 400 followers and also gets 18 likes per photo. The reason why I put it at number 8 is that it has a G-League and shooters doesn’t.

7. Bb2ksimleague

This league was made in late May 2017. It then restarted in early July and it was better than ever. It grew from 90 followers to an astonishing 1,450. It gets around 20 likes per photo. It has an NBA, NCAA, and high school. A Euro League and G-League are also coming soon. 

6. Celo2ksimleague

Now this is starting to get very intense. This league has 800 followers and gets 40 likes per photo. This and the next three leagues are very close. I put this at number 6 because it only as an NBA and NCAA. Like I said with Shooters2ksimleague, it needs a high school, euro league, FIBA, and G-League. If this league had that, it would go up the list for sure.

5. 2kfantasysimleague

This is the first sim league I have ever been in (and still am), and it’s amazing. It has around 600 followers and gets 35 likes per photo. It has an NBA, NCAA, HS, and FIBA. I put this league at number 5 because it is very active.

4. Zachs2ksimleague

This is a very big league. It has around 1,350 followers and gets 40 likes per photo. It has an NBA, NCAA, and high school. The league has daily content and many people enjoy it. If it had a euro league or G-League, I would have put it at number 3.

3. Nba.simleaguee

This league has an NBA, NCAA, HS, Euro League, and a  G-League. Basically everything except a FIBA, which the league really doesn’t need. It has 1,000 followers and gets around 40 likes per photo. Overall, it’s a great league and deserves to be number 3.


This league is the closest one to covs. It has around 6,000 followers and gets 60 likes per photo. Like covs, it was started on 2K15. Crazy thing is, it has over 22,000 posts!! NBA2K15PLAYERGM is the first ‘create a player’ league on Instagram. It is currently on year 2054.

1. Covs2ksimleague

This was a no brainer. Covs has an amazing 23.5K followers and gets around 500 likes per photo. It is so big that you have to pay to get in. It has an NBA, NCAA, HS, FIBA, Euro League, G-League, player pages, reporters, and many more. Overall, covs is a great league that everybody enjoys.


This is my opinion and i bet many of you disagree with my choice. Comment below who you think I misplaced and who got snubbed.