In this article, I will explain the Ups and Downs of NBA 2K18 overall ratings for the players that have been realised! (as of August 7)


NBA 2K18’s latest release is Kyrie Irving of the Cleveland Cavaliers! He came out with a 90 overall rating compared to last years 89 overall rating for him! Honestly in my opinion people were hating on 2K for giving him a “disrespectful” 89 overall! Could this year also disrespect Kryie with a 90? Let’s head into it! John Wall is also rated a 90 and Hayward behind both with an 88! Of course, John Wall and Kyrie Irving play differently, but Kyrie won a ring and rookie of the year, and Wall didn’t! What I’m saying here is Kyrie Irving’s rating should be a bit higher than a 90! I think it should aim around a 93 to a 95! There are many factors coming into play like his clutchness, 3 points, and inside the paint!



The Latvian Freak Kristaps Porzingis comes in 2K18 with a 86 overall! Honestly, he is very overrated for a 86! Even though he averaged 18.1 points per game and 7.2 rebounds per game last season, he, in my opinion, doesn’t use his minutes wisely! If he was moved to a more better team like the Warriors or Cavs, his overall rating would decrease into the 70’s since he can’t play without getting good minutes! Now, lets compare Porzingis and Lebron James! Lebron played 37 minutes last year per game, and Porzingis played 32! Now would you play Porzingis 32 minutes if you had stars like Lebron, Kyrie and Kevin Love? Heck no! In my opinion and thoughts, his rating should be in the range of 77-81!



After Ben Mclemore was signed by the Memphis Grizzlies, his NBA 2K18 rating was realised! The NBA 2K18 Team decided to give him a 73! Usually people and I complain about the rating 2K gives out, but here there’s nothing to complain about! 73 is just right for him! If I had to change anything in his rating, I would probably up it by 1 or 2! But how many points he averaged last year which is 8 points per game, its perfect! It’s not a huge about of points but he was a fundamental player that used his minutes wisely!



The Celtics with their possible next ‘Big Three” with Horford, Hayward and Thomas” are looking like contenders! After Gordan Hayward signed with the Boston Celtics his NBA 2K18 rating was released! 2K decided to give him an 88!  Gordan Hayward is a great fundamental player, one of the best! He can block, rebound, shot, pass, layup, everything you can think of! He’s the best all around player I’ve have seen! Now comparing Hayward to John Wall and Kyrie Irving isn’t exactly the best! Of course, John and Kryie are 90 overalls just two more than Gordan! That means Hawyard is close to Kryie and John! Honelsy John Wall makes sense but Kryies rating should go up! His rating is in the gold spot for all NBA 2K18 fans and especially Celtics fans!




John Wall, the spinning, fast, point guard for the Washington Wizards receives a 90 overall rating for NBA 2K18! In my opinion, once again a 90 overall rating is just right for the point guard out of Washington! He can do everything out there on the court! He can dribble, he can run, he can shoot, and he can pass! There is nothing really else to say about John Wall’s NBA 2k!8 rating


This is straight pitiful! Russell gets only an 80 overall! This outrages me! He is a great, young player who can shoot the ball great, and has super high potential! Even Russell wasn’t happy with his rating saying to be humble! He also said “I don’t know how you guys do it so….” in a kind of disappointed voice! Again this is just a plain stupid move by Ronnie 2K and NBA 2K18! In my opinion, he should be an 84-86 overall!



The number 1 and 2 pick in the 2017 NBA draft 2k18 ratings is now out! Both Markelle and Lonzo are tied for the highest NBA 2K rating in history! And in my opinion, these ratings make sense as they are really talented players and should have their potential rating up to 100 lol! I’m mostly excited to see how Lonzo Ball’s weird shooting form will be in 2K18! Honestly, if I had to choose which to use in the game, I would choose Markelle! First off, He is a tough inside player and a nice shooting form unlike Lonzo whose pretty slow, and a weird shooting form that could be easily blocked! So after all, I think the ratings are placed well except for Ball’s, he could get punched down to either a 78 or 79!



The former NBA champions 2 star players 2K18 rating has been Released! Steph Curry sits at a little bit underrated 94 and KD sits at a 96! In my opinion, overall, the two players ratings are in the perfect range! Although Curry’s rating should move up to a 95 or 96 and Kevin Durant should move down to about a 94 or 95! It’s gonna be exciting to see how this powerhouse team stands in 2K18! It mostly depends on their bench ratings after they signed 74 overall Nick Young! Lastly, in my opinion, the ratings are in the perfect range for both Curry and KD!


The New Golden State Warrior player Nick Young gets a 74 overall rating in NBA 2K18! Honestly, this 2K rating is in the perfect range! Even though I think it should be a 75 overall since he is a really good bench player and could provide valuable minutes to the stacked Golden State Warriors team! He does need improvement in the Three Point zone, but every where else he can provide decent stats in those categories! So overall his rating is just right!


Finally, after the Hornets owned by Micheal Jordan traded for Howard, NBA 2K 18 gives him an 81 overall! What is 2K thinking! You give an older center player who can’t hit free throws what so ever a better 2K rating than a young, great player D’Angelo Russell! Howard’s rating should be moved down a ton! In my mind, i’m thinking at least a 73 or 74 overall for Howard! Yes, he can rebound, but that’s the only thing he can do! He can’t shoot or pass! And 2K decided to give him 81??? That’s pretty weird! So overall his NBA 2K18 rating should go down a lot to at least a 73!



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