Until I wrote the other article, I never knew about this league and how great it was. But the last few days, I've been checking it out and it is really good. He posts daily content, has amazing edits that he makes himself, and he grinds everyday. Overall, OG2K is one of the best leagues on Instagram and most underrated. Lots of people say his content is amazing and he is striving to be better than covs.


This is what OG2K himself had to say, "My content is better than covs, me being the simleague, i still post trades in a better way than all those "news" pages. My hs league was not as popular as his, but my ballislyfe @og2ksimgleague had way better content. I just feel like my league just gives you the most real experience you can get from a sim, we now have a br who interviews players and a skip bayless who talks about league news. And that thing is… this isnt even my max potential with all these edits and stuff."


Some of his teams also had a word on how fun the league is. @og2k.jazz said that "OG2k is the best because he puts so much effort in his work and if u look at any other leagues pages none of their content compare to OG." Also, @og.celtics said "Og2k is one of the best leagues on insta because it's real, doesn't buy followers or likes, makes all original edits, post daily, has active owners, also has a active NCAA, and is just hella lit. The commish is a goat and even has a discord where all the teams chill and talk. I don't know any leagues that have as active posting NCAA and NBA as OG, with the editing and skills those dudes have 🤷‍♂️."

I've decided to put a stand on how underrated OG2K is. Everyone that read this article go follow @og2ksimleague on Instagram and help out anyway you can. He currently has 432 followers (as of August 8). Hit him up with a follow and get him to 600 before 2K18 comes out.